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The President Writes

From the Square Office at the Cream House

Saturday, November 30th 2013 10:30 AM Posted by Geoff

It’s hard to believe so many months have passed since writing my last ‘President Writes’.

Alice Springs was quite an adventure and one I’m glad I didn’t miss.

It is a big ride for a Royal Enfield or any bike for that matter.

After my two big rides (Cairns and the Gulf of Carpentaria, and Alice Springs) in the first half of the year I’ve tended to be more involved in other things since then.

On my visit to Italy in October I saw more Moto Guzzis and Ducatis than previously.

There was more of a range of BMWs than just GS1200s than I saw last time.

There seemed to be quite a few of the modern Triumph Bonnevilles on the road and fewer Japanese Sportsbikes.

Scooters of all types still predominate and I did see one Royal Enfield C5 Chrome in Rome nipping through the traffic.

Congratulations to Anthony Wright for the brilliant coup in publishing the first test of the new RE Continental in our November Newsletter.

It must be a rare event to be given permission to publish an article before its actual publishing in the Magazine it was written for.

Thanks to Grant Roff the Editor of Motorcycle Trader for that permission.

Our Newsletter is an excellent magazine and one of the really great features of our Club.

I’m doubtful that other clubs with our level of membership produce anything approaching our Newsletter in terms of quality content and volume.

Knowing that, shouldn’t prevent you the Members, from continuing to contribute ride reports and other interesting stuff that you come across.

There’s always the pleasure of seeing your name in print.

The Club’s third outing to Bundanoon proved to be another spectacularly successful weekend.

The tone and atmosphere was different to other events we’ve had in the Club.

I think it was due to the number of ladies present.

Helen Newton and Cynthia were riders, there were four riding as pillions: Mark with Jane, Stuart with Terri, Roger with Narelle, visitor Daniel Eyles with his partner Frances, John Wright was accompanied by Viv in the sidecar, and Joy Eyles and Jean Pennington were in cars.

And of course there were lots of blokes without partners.

The rides were over some stunningly beautiful well-chosen roads so perfect for Royal Enfields and the socialising afterwards was just perfect.

Bundanoon Pub is a terrific venue big enough for everyone who wants to stay there and with a range of pleasant accommodation from basic room to ensuite, very good breakfasts, a restaurant if required and areas for socialising and piano recitals (Ian Lyons and others), snooker, two welcoming bars and a 5 ‘til 6 happy hour on Fridays.

The Chinese café in Bundanoon over the railway line and main road has the most enormous servings imaginable.

I have to make a mental note to share one dish next time and not order two dishes and rice for Cynthia and I to share.

These are the great memorable weekends that make our Club.

Bruce Walker

The President Writes

From the Square Office at the Cream House

Saturday, June 1st 2013 9:30 PM Posted by Geoff

It’s another busy year in the Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc.

The Winter Rally is upon us and the AGM at Alice Springs is only 10 or so weeks away as I write this.

Since buying my Royal Enfield at the end of 2003 (converted to a Carberry Enfield in 2011) I’ve seen more of Australia than I would ever have done had I not bought a motorcycle.

And the scenery hasn’t just passed by in a blur as it would have if I’d bought some snarling monster of a sportsbike.

So often we write that it’s not the destination but the journey, and how true that is for me and I suspect most others.

My recent ride with Mal Gillies, reported elsewhere, was a great adventure in the outdoors and the outback and the journey was everything because there was no final destination, just completing the ride.

There is a special attraction in setting out with just a motorcycle (especially a Royal Enfield), camping gear and your own resources with no back-up.

It takes one back to an earlier era like when Winnifred Wells rode her 350cc Bullet from Perth across Australia.

You are so much more insulated in a car.

Mind you, one does tire of the smell of dead road kill, but your senses are much closer to the outdoors on a bike feeling the wind and temperature.

I believe you get to see a lot more. (Have you noticed how many of the modern bikes try to make the rider feel like he/she is in a car with heated grips and seats, sound systems, directed wind flow, navigation devices and all the other paraphernalia?)

I know that absolute reliability is required for those with deadlines and time limits but that reduces the level of adventure.

I’m not even sure the jaded ones of the modern world even understand what adventure is.

Alice Springs promises to be just the right sort of adventure. Many of us will ride together.

Some will camp and others take a more luxurious option, but we will have the pleasure of each other’s company and support.

I’ll see you there.

Bruce Walker