The President Writes

A Special Greeting

The President Writes

From the Square Office in

The Cream House

Baulkham Hills

Thinking about our Club and its dozen or so years of existence, I started to reflect on what Club Membership means. A club is a little community. You join a club to meet others with a shared interest. I guess it is not all that different from a church, a bridge club or a quilting club.

Motorcycling is an individual activity, in that it is just you and your motorcycle. Even with a pillion, there is usually not much shared communication. You feel part of your machine as you lean into corners winding your way through the countryside. Then you come to a stop and sit in the silence with perhaps just the tick of a cooling exhaust. People who don’t ride motorcycles have little idea of how enthralling a ride can be. Magazine writers talk about their ‘ear to ear grin’ after such a ride. To be able to talk about a ride and re-live the experience with others who know what you are on about, just adds to the enjoyment.

Since joining our Club, I have ridden on some incredible rides and been to places I never thought I’d go to. I’ve seen so much of our great countryside and made friends who will remain friends until I die. Is there such a thing as too many friends? I doubt it.

I highly recommend new members come along on a few rides and join in the camaraderie. One ride with our club may not be enough to get to know people.  Making friends starts with a kind of attraction and builds as you start talking and listening and sharing together. Put aside any pre-conceived notions that this club is just for ‘old codgers on old bikes’ and come along and share the joy. One thing is for sure and that is we all have one thing in common – Royal Enfield motorcycles, both old and new.

Our Club is full of an amazingly diverse range of immensely likeable people and plenty of them are real characters. We get enormous enjoyment out of our Club and I know new members will too.

See you on the road.

Bruce Walker